4 Ways to Help Kids Connect to Prophet Muhammad (S) this Summer!

Splish, splash, splash...we are halfway into the summer, and many of us are enjoying swimming, beaches, camps, and all things sunshine and summer! It's also a fabulous time to help our children build a love for Prophet Muhammad (S).

Below are 4 ways to help your kids connect to Prophet Muhammad (S) this summer!

1.) Begin with yourself. Begin by reviving your own love for the Allah's Messenger (S). Pull out your favorite book or podcast on the seerah or characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (S). After all, we are our children's first role model, and their most important teachers.

2.) Make Rasulullah (S) a living and breathing reality in your homesThroughout the day, point out things around us that were a part of Prophet Muhammad (S)' lifestyle - such as a comb, certain foods, white clothes, prophetic duas etc. This connection humanizes the Prophet (S) and makes it easier to make him (S) an example that kids can follow.

3.) Tell stories from Prophet (S)' life. When it comes to kids, they love stories and the seerah has so many! You don't need to be an expert storyteller to captivate your child's attention. Tell your children stories from the seerah that come easy to you.

4.) Learn and implement a new sunnah every week. Learn and implement small sunnahs together as a family. Each night, read ONE hadith together. Riyaadh-us-Saliheen is a great resource! Be sure to check out our flap book for the sweet babies and toddlers in your life!


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