Umm Aiman (RA): From Abyssinia to the Home of Our Beloved Prophet (S)

Originally from Abyssiniah, Umm Aiman (RA) had been a part of the family of Abdullah bin Abdul Muttalib and Amena bint Wahab. After their death, she continued to be a part of the Prophet (S)' family. 

In fact Umm Aiman (RA) was a source of comfort in the Prophet (S)'s life during many difficult moments. When his mother Amena passed away, she tried her best to fill the role of a mother.

Umm Aiman (RA) had exemplary character and noble manners. The Prophet (S) said that whoever wishes to marry a lady of paradise should marry Umm Aiman (RA). When Zaid bin Harithah (RA) heard this, he married her and they had a son named Usamah bin Zaid (RA).

During the battle of Uhud, Umm Aiman (RA) nursed the wounded and provided water to the soldiers in the battlefield. Aisha (RA) said about Umm Aiman (RA), "my eyes and my ears have the best impressions about her".

Umm Aiman (RA) had looked after the Prophet (S) from his childhood and given him a mother's love, after his (S)' own mother passed. The Prophet (S) and companions regarded her highly.



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