How Do I Nurture Confidence in My Toddler?

We want our children to be confident and we want them to have a strong sense of self, but do we take the time to PAUSE, and make it happen? Our beloved Prophet (S) was a beautiful example of someone who took time to listen, acknowledge people, and be present for those around him (S).

Here are 3 ways we can help nurture confidence in our children:

1.) Believe in them. When you tell your toddler to do something, believe they will do it. Your confidence will show on your facial expressions and body language, and that will increase your toddler's confidence in themselves.

2.) Have conversations with your toddler. Even if they don't talk clearly, conversing with your little one acknowledges their presence and makes them feel seen and heard.

3.) Be present no matter what. One of the greatest presence in a child's life, is a parent who believes in them. BE THERE no matter how "quickly" or "slowly" they are reaching their milestone, no matter who says something to the contrary, and no matter what challenge arises.

When we acknowledge our children, believe in them, and are present for them, they will be confident in themselves, and the world around them will follow suit, inshAllah.

Can you think of ONE WAY our beloved Prophet (S) interacted with those around him (S) to build confidence?

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