Beyond the Decor (Parenting Reflections)

One of the things that I love about Ramadan, is being able to guiltlessly spend a little extra time on my spirituality, with the Quran. Less eating means less prep, less dishes, and less cleanup overall. It means more time to focus on my heart.

This year, as I go between listening, reciting, trying to understand the meaning of the Quran… and then going back into the world trying to implement Quran, I can’t help but think about our Prophet (S). He (S) was the walking Quran. His (S)’ character was the Quran. His life was the human example of a life that implemented the teachings of the Quran.

And so, although we have decorated our home for Ramadan and meal prepped, I now want my kids to see me interact and live with the heart of Ramadan, the month of the Quran. I want them to see my husband and I meaningfully interact with the Quran, and then try to live our lives like the Prophet (S), in a gentle manner that is mindful of Allah (the Most High) in all that we do. I want their experience with the Quran to be a positive one, in which they see that Quran is bringing goodness in their lives. I want our children to see how our character is transformed by the Quran, the words of Allah, and how that brings about more peace and calmness in their lives. 

So as we enter day 4 of Ramadan, I realize that all of this can be accomplished when we walk away from the Quran with a beautiful heart that is trying to live by the Quran and one that is trying to emulate the life of the walking Quran… our beloved Prophet Muhammad - sala lahu alaihi wa salam. 


P.S. If you haven’t bought our book yet for a young heart in your life… what are you waiting for?! Emoji. We are getting such positive feedback - this book is a must in planting the seeds of love for our example, Prophet Muhammad (S).

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