5 Reasons Your Family Will Love Our Board Book

What are the the top things you look for in your favorite board books? Perhaps you like your books to be fun and engaging. Or maybe you like great quality and beautiful illustrations. 

Here are the top 5 reasons your family will LOVE our lift-a-flap board book. Our book is...

1.) Fun and engaging. It comes with eight engaging questions that children can try to answer on their own, and then check their answers under the flap. 

2.) Sturdy and made with top quality. We know how easy it is for babies and toddlers to rip off the flaps in their board book. That's why we made sure our board books are sturdy and thick in quality. And what is even more awesome is seeing how great the book quality is, from families who already own the book.

3.) Made with thoughtful illustrations. We wanted to make sure the illustrations were inviting, and would make babies and toddlers turn to the book over and over. Our illustrator, Natalia Scabuso, illustrated each page with care and consideration for what our youngest readers love most. 

4.) Written with intentional word choices. What happens when you give a toddler a book with too many words? They tend to lose interest! That's why we designed our book to have a few words, but with a lot of learning. 

5.) Made to help build a love for our beloved Prophet (S). Above all, our book was designed with the intention of helping to build a love for Prophet Muhammad (S) in a fun, relatable, and positive way. We feel confident that our book does just that! 

Families who have a copy of "Our Beloved Prophet(S)" have mentioned that their children read the book often and that the book has been a great introduction to Prophet Muhammad (S). We can't wait for you to have your own copy and hear from your family how your children are enjoying the book! 

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